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Dr. Wave 14-in-1 Water Test Kit


Reliably & effortlessly test ANY liquid for 14 different parameters with the Dr. Wave Water Test Kit.

Here’s how you take a measurement:
1. Dip a single strip into the water you want to test and remove immediately.
2. Hold the strip horizontally for 15 seconds to a minute.
3. Compare the strip to the color chart we have provided.

Literally as easy as 1…2…3!

Which Parameters Can You Test For?
1. pH
2. Lead
3. Fluoride
4. Free Chlorine
5. Total Chlorine
6. Bromine
7. Nitrate
8. Nitrite
9. Iron
10. Copper
11. Hardness
12.Total Alkalinity
13. Cyanuric Acid
14. Carbonate



Manufactured in an FDA-Approved facility & CE-Certified to provide high quality, accurate and meaningful results under normal circumstances and testing variables

DETERMINE THE SAFETY OF YOUR DRINKING WATER by using our 14-in-1 Water Test Kit to check the pH, fluoride, chlorine, iron, bromine and other parameters and contaminants.

WIDESPREAD USE WITH 100 TEST STRIPS: You may test everything including your drinking water, spa, swimming pool, aquarium, river, washing machine and a lot more.
ACCURATE & RELIABLE RESULTS: Being FDA approved and CE certified, our Water Testing Kit boasts high quality and accuracy for the amateur and professional tester alike.

QUICK & EASY TESTING: Simply dip a strip into the liquid that’s being tested and compare it to the provided chart. It’s as simple as that!
100% GUARANTEED RESULTS: Your health is our top priority which is why we’re standing by our product and cover it with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


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