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Electrostatic Disinfecting Backpack JES-BP18 by Jereh


Efficient: Droplets are uniform in size (40µm) to achieve an optimal coverage and will cover the target surface in 360° radius.

Economical: The cover area of 1/4gal disinfectant is more than 10,700 sq.ft. Disinfectant consumption is reduced by over 50%

Timesaving: Save over 35% of your time completing a job.

Convenient: Lithium battery life is estimated at 3,000 total full.

Quiet: Noise below 60 dB a moderate to quite level.


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Product Description

  • Ultra-low volume, 1L equals 10L. Droplets generated by the backpack electrostatic sprayer is 0.004cm, which is only half the diameter of adult hair. The small droplets can distribute evenly improving the spraying effect by 10 times without using more disinfectant.
  • Disinfect Up to 10,700 sq/ft one time. The spraying distance of the backpack electrostatic sprayer is 1.5m. Calculated as per the normal walking speed, an area of 10,700 sq/ft can be disinfected on a full tank.
  • Water and disinfectant saved, reducing replenishing frequency. Compared with traditional spraying, the ultra-low volume spraying saves disinfectant by over 50%, reducing disinfectant usage and replenishing frequency.
  • 3-hour continuous operation on a single charge. The 24V lithium battery is capable of continuously powering the device for 3 hours on a single charge.
  • Backpack design for convenient operation. Backpack design with wide strap delivers comfort and convenience during operation.


Electrostatic backpack sprayer JES-BP18 by Jereh

Jereh Electrostatic Disinfectant Specifications

Electrostatic Disinfectant Backpack


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  1. Aubrey Y.
    (verified owner)

    Outstanding seller – quality product, fair pricing, fast delivery, great communication. Couldn’t ask for more!

  2. Natalie V.
    (verified owner)

    Fantastic seller experience – great product, reasonable pricing, fast shipping, good communication. Would buy again!

  3. Tyler H.
    (verified owner)

    Love this product so much already! Simplifies everything for me. Seems very well constructed too. Fast shipping.

  4. Hannah Q.
    (verified owner)

    Outstanding seller – quality product, fair pricing, fast delivery, great communication. Couldn’t ask for more!

  5. Victoria R.
    (verified owner)

    This item improved my life so much already! Easy to use and quality materials. Fast shipping was icing on the cake.

  6. Carol O.
    (verified owner)

    Very user friendly product that works great! Also had fast shipping. Extremely satisfied and would shop again.

  7. Mia W.
    (verified owner)

    I love this item! It makes my life so much easier. Excellent quality at a fair price point. Shipping was prompt too.

  8. Carol O.
    (verified owner)

    Smooth ordering process and item arrived promptly. Works perfectly and was a great value. Very satisfied overall!

  9. Joyce Z.
    (verified owner)

    Some minor scratches out of the box but nothing affecting performance. Works well and was easy to setup. Great value.

  10. Richard O.
    (verified owner)

    Not the highest quality but it works fine and gets the job done. Decent for the low price, would maybe buy something better next time.

  11. Connor M.
    (verified owner)

    Smooth ordering process and item arrived promptly. Works perfectly and was a great value. Very satisfied overall!

  12. Ronald P.
    (verified owner)

    Amazing seller! Quality product, reasonable prices, fast shipping, great communication. Completely satisfied.

  13. Addison N.
    (verified owner)

    The product feels really sturdy, definitely high-quality.

  14. Rebecca N.
    (verified owner)

    The package was on my doorstep just a day after I ordered.

  15. Ivy Q.
    (verified owner)

    I was amazed at how quickly customer service resolved my issue.

  16. Aaron R.
    (verified owner)

    Product feels robust and well-built.

  17. Victoria R.
    (verified owner)

    Customer service was really patient and answered all my questions.

  18. Larry O.
    (verified owner)

    Durable and well-made product.

  19. Walter A.
    (verified owner)

    The package arrived in no time, I was really impressed.

  20. Tyler H.
    (verified owner)

    Delivery was prompt and on time.

  21. Scarlett T.
    (verified owner)

    The product is really well-made, definitely worth the price.

  22. Ralph J.
    (verified owner)

    Product is top-notch.

  23. Hazel K.
    (verified owner)

    Speedy shipping.

  24. Samantha G.
    (verified owner)

    The product quality is clearly top-notch.

  25. Antonni Cirillo

    Lo spruzzatore elettrostatico è arrivato entro 2 settimane come promesso. Sembra che sia di ottima qualità e non ci ha dato alcun problema da 90 giorni di utilizzo

  26. Nicholas Scoville

    This electrostatic backpack sprayer works much better than others we’ve tried including Victory brand and Emist. Easy to operate and get going. Can cover thousands of sqft on one charge.

  27. Ben Roche

    You can tell it’s a high quality product as soon as you place it on your back. Spent about 3 hours spraying on and off and there were no hiccups. Highly recommend this Jereh electrostatic backpack sprayer unit.

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