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HalTech VOC Meter/Monitor HAL-HVX501


Hal Technology (HalTech) introduces a state-of-art HVX501 handheld volatile organic compound (VOC) meter based on the best-available-on-the-market photo-ionization-detector (PID) sensor technology. It can easily take a quick and accurate measurement of VOC levels. As a part of Haltech gas meter family, the HVX501 can detect a wide variety of organic compounds and some inorganic gases (a few hundreds of chemicals) in ambient air. The Intrinsically safe PID sensor ionizes chemicals in the gas sample whose ionization potential less than the UV lamp energy and at least 200 times more sensitive to VOCs than conventional Heated Metal Oxide Sensors (HMOS). While priced among the lowest one on market, it can be utilized in a variety of environmental and safety applications for scientific research, industrial, commercial, and residential markets.

The HVX501, with a data logging ability, has selections of wide measuring ranges, high sensitivity and high resolution of sensors (0-2ppm with 1ppb sensitivity and up to 2000ppm range) for continuous monitoring and research applications. With a built-in pump capable of point-to-sample capability, it can trace the origin of sources and offers a fast response to ambient changes in VOC levels with long-term stability and durability. Exceptional stability and patented self-calibration algorithm allow very long intervals between calibration intervals. It is fully compatible to Window XP/7/8/10. The HVX501 offers the best performance at half price of similar products.



· Reliable intrinsic safe PID sensor
· User selectable over hundred target gases
· Fast response
· Direct real time digital reading
· Large data storage capacity
· High-speed USB and free data download software

* Live streaming and charting real-time data via USB
· Auto backlight
· Simple and easy self-calibration and correction
· Audible excess limit warning
· Rechargeable Li-ion battery

* Window XP/7/8/10 compatible
· Optional digital pressure, temperature and humidity sensor probe
· CE certified


· Industrial hygiene & safety monitoring
· Confined space entry
· Fugitive emission
· Soil contamination and remediation
· Hazmat sites and spills
· Solvent vapor monitoring for clean and degas processes
· Low concentration leak detection
· EPA Method 21 and emissions monitoring
· Arson investigation


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