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Mini Washing Machine Portable Foldable with Dryer/Drain Basket


This mini foldable washing machine is an ideal solution for those who are always on the move and need to wash small items such as underwear, socks, towels, baby clothes, or adult clothes (2-3 T-shirts). Its one-touch switch makes it easy to use, and ultrasonic cleaning technology ensures powerful and efficient cleaning. The machine also has a forward and reverse, two-way electric stain removal system. It is equipped with a portable handle for easy transportation and has an overload automatic power off for safety. Whether you are traveling or camping, this washing machine is the perfect companion for keeping your clothes clean and fresh.



Type: Mini Folding Washing Machine
Input: 110V, 50Hz
Rated power: 153W
Timing time: 0-10min
Color: Blue/Pink
Material: ABS
Plug type: U.S. plug

1. Mini foldable washing machine, easy to carry when traveling or camping.
2. Suitable for washing small items such as underwear, socks, towels, baby clothes or adult clothes (2-3 T-shirts).
3. One-touch switch, laundry washing and dehydration, easy to use.
4. Ultrasonic cleaning, powerful cleaning. Forward and reverse, two-way electric stain removal.
5. With portable handle, easy to pick up and move.
6. Overload automatic power off.

How to use?
1. Turn on the power, press and hold the ON button for 2 seconds to turn on the machine, click the ON button to select the working time to switch.
2. Put in the clothes to be washed and add the right amount of water. After washing, take out the clothes and pour out the water.
3. If you need to dump the water, you can install the draining basket. Then choose the working time you need.

Package including:
1 x Folding washing machine
1 x Drain Basket
1 x Charger

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Blue, Pink


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