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Mobile Electrostatic Sprayer Disinfection Station JES-DS30 by Jereh


  • Disinfect 143,160-215,278 sq ft on a full tank. Calculated as per the normal walking speed, an area of 143,160-215,278 sq ft can be disinfected on a full tank.
  • Compact in size and flexible in motion. The mobile disinfection system is only 0.32m in width which allows it to pass through the narrow passages without being carried by the operator, delivering an easy and convenient handling. Especially applicable for high-speed trains and metros which require quick disinfection of large area without dead zones being left.
  • 20L large-volume tank. The compact disinfection system is configured with a 20L large-volume tank which is four times bigger than that on a conventional hand-held disinfection device. The lithium battery can power the system to run continuously for about 2.5 hours to spray an area of 161,458 sq ft.
  • Lithium battery delivers high flexibility. This mobile disinfection system is powered by a lithium battery and can run continuously for 2.5 hours to spray an area of 161,458 sq ft. It is free from an external power source to make the operation more flexible.


Mobile Electrostatic Sprayer Station JES-DS30 by Jereh


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