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Mold Armor Test Kit FG500


  • Test for mold spores indoors, forced air a/c cooling and surfaces
  • Quick results within 48 hours, optional mail-in lab test
  • Can be used to compare indoor and outdoor air quality
  • There are three testing methods: (1) Indoor Air Quality Test Method (2) Air Conditioning & Heating Sample Method (3) Surface Sampling Testing Method (when visible mold is present)
  • Each air quality tester and mold kit contains a petri dish, swab, and mold growth medium
  • This mold detection kit can be used to test surface molds or to take an air sampling from a building HVAC


The Mold Armor FG500 Mold Test Kit will safely and easily test for the presence of inside or outside mold with results within 48 hours. This convenient home kit also serves as an air quality monitor and includes three testing methods: Indoor Air Quality Test Method, Air Conditioning & Heating Sample Method, and a Surface Sampling Testing Method when visible mold is present. This air quality test kit can also be used to detect unseen mold in the home. Each kit contains a petri dish, swab, and mold growth medium. An option for mail-in lab analysis to determine the mold type is available.

While the MOLD ARMOR Do It Yourself Test Kit can be an important part of protecting your family against mold, many factors contribute to any test’s effectiveness. The mold test kit can only detect airborne or surface mold spores, depending on test method, that are present in the area during testing. If symptoms of mold exposure persist, consult a certified mold specialist. Follow directions carefully and keep out of reach of children.


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