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New Gene – Lab-in-a-Bag, Multi-Selftest Kit (Antibody/Antigen)


This “Lab in a Bag” is a multi-test Kit that is intended for self-testing for Covid-19 as well as Influenza  A/B infections. Because the kit tests for antigens as well as Covid-19 antibodies, the multiple tests serve as both confirmations of a current infection, as well as indicating the likelihood of a prior, recovered Covid-19 infection and even the likelihood of some level of immunity from a Covid-19 vaccination. Results are available as quickly as 15 minutes and combined sensitivity (accuracy) & specificity for Covid-19 is in excess of 97% compared to PCR tests.

Quantity: 25 test kits (1 box)

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These are fast tests intended to be self-run, which include tests for Covid-19 antibodies &/or antigens &/or Influenza antigens. The process is simple and quick, requiring only a match-head sample of sputum, from the back of the throat &/or a single drop of blood. The kits include everything required to run the specific tests. Nothing else is needed. No lab or lab equipment, or technicians are required. The appearance of control bar(s) signifies that the test(s) were done correctly, and the results valid.


Size / Dimension: 5.00 x 5.00 x 5.00 cm
Weight: 50.00 gram
Material: As listed
Color(s): Multi color
Dangerous Goods: No
Place of Origin: China
Model Numbers: TriTest 604947480170
Certifications: CE CE
Standards: ISO


Size / Dimension: 50.00 X 60.00 X 60.00 cm
Gross Weight: 30.00 kg
Package Type: Carton
Quantity: 25 tests per box


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