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Portable Washing Machine Compact lightweight 10lbs Washer w/ Spin Cycle Dryer


The smallest and lightest twin tub portable washing machine available. This highly popular super compact washing machine simply hooks up to your kitchen faucet, and it’s ready to go. With a 5.5 lb. wash capacity + 4.4 lb. spin capacity, this 2 in 1 washing machine is designed for washing small loads quickly and efficiently. This will get your clothes sparkling clean and with its gentle wash cycle keep them in pristine condition for longer.



Time Saving – Washing and drying can be done at the same time, saving you precious time. You can move clothes directly from the washer to the spinner, or run both sides together to finish your laundry. Washer control timer runs for up to 15 minutes while the spin cycle timer runs for up to 5 minutes each load.

Simple Operation – Easy to operate, even for the elderly. Equipped with separate timer control settings for washer and spinner operations, simply put in clothes, fill with water, set the timer and start washing. It was engineered to withstand whatever laundry additives you want to use. From vintage soap bar shavings to pre-measured detergent capsules. Powders, liquids, sheets, tablets or pods. You’re the boss and the washer will accept the household laundry additives you want to use.

True Rinse Technology – Unlike other washers on the market – No more poor rinses. True Rinse technology delivers the most effective rinsing results ever, without wasting water. Our washing machine includes 2 deep rinses on all cycles. And the maximum water level means the tub is really full of water up to the top.

Premium Design & Construction – Constructed of High-density plastic body + Aluminum pump + Upgraded motor, making it durable enough to last for years. The space-saving design allows it to easily fit in a bathroom or closet, which makes it ideal for dorms, apartments, condos, motor homes, RVs, camping trips or anywhere with limited space! The washing machine body USES the whole plastic shell, this means you don’t have to worry about the water causing rust. Due to its high quality plastic body, it is not easy to deform, meaning its service life is longer. Even elderly people can easily move around with the bottom casters design. In addition, this machine is also equipped with a filter screen, which is convenient for cleaning floating debris and hair, and can be removed for cleaning. 

Drain Easily – This machine features a drainage tube that allows you to easily drain dirty water. When you want to wash your beloved clothes with your hands, then the independent drain will be useful and effective.

Over all sizes: 22.6 x 22 x 14.7″
Washer: 5.5 lbs, Spin Cycle: 4.4 lbs
Volts: 110V/60Hz
Washing Power: 240W
Spin Power: 120W
Motor rotating speed: 1300RPM
Length of inlet pipe: 78.7″
Length of drain pipe: 19.7″


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    Product is well-made and durable.

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    The customer service team was really helpful when I had a question.

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    The product is really high-quality, it’s definitely worth the price.

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    Product is of superior quality.

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    The delivery was really fast, I was really impressed.

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    Support team was very patient.

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