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Zetron PTM600 6-in-1 Flue Gas Analyzer


PTM600 flue gas analyzer has the function of measuring the gas concentration for O2/CO/CO2/H2S/CH4/H2 at the same time, suitable for chemical plant, power plant, landfill, incineration station, port, sewage treatment plant, storage facilities, underground facilities, and more.

The product is provided with high measurement precision, stable performance and simple operation and convenient to carry.
It is possible to simultaneously detect 1 ~ 6 types of gases, which can be expanded to 18 or more types of gases, and the types for detection are more than 500 types.


Gases to be detected
Detection range

CO: 0-1000ppm
CO2: 0-100%VOL
H2S: 0-200ppm
H2: 0-1000ppm
other ranges can be customized

Detection principle
O2: UK Alpha Electrochemical sensor
CO2: Infrared sensor
H2S: Electrochemical sensor
CH4: Catalytic combustion sensor f
H2: Electrochemical sensor
Allowable error
≤±2% F.S (other or higher precision levels can be customized)
Response time
T90≤20 seconds
Recovery time
≤30 seconds
Working environment
Temperature: -40 ℃ ~ + 70 ℃, humidity: ≤10 ~ 95% RH, and built-in filters can be used in high humidity or high dust environment.
Sample gas temperature
-40 ℃ ~ + 70 ℃, and the optional configuration of high-temperature sampling and cooling filter handle will be possible to detect
the smoke gas at the temperature of 1300 ℃.
Power supply
3.6VDC, 10000mA high capacity rechargeable polymer battery
Display mode
3.5-inch high-definition color screen
Detection mode
Built-in pump-suction type measurementFlow rate at 800 ml / min
Alarm mode
It is possible to set as sound & light alarm, vibration alarm, turning off the alarm.
Protection level
Explosion-proof type
Intrinsically safe type
Explosion-proof mark
Exia II CT6
Exterior dimensions
230×210×120 mm (L×H×W)


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