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AirSafti Air Scrubber


The AirSafti Professional Air Scrubber is a three (3) speed, remote controlled, quiet, well-built steel unit that forces up to four hundred (400) Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) through its powerful HEPA rated 2 stage filter system, filtering down to 0.5 microns. Filtering out Mold Spores, Fine and Ultra-Fine Particulate, some Disease-Causing Bacteria, Pollen, Dust, Insulation Fragments and more.

The AirSafti Air Scrubber is designed to efficiently treat an area of approximately 2000 square feet, provided it’s placed in a relatively open space. This requires around 12 inches of free space on the filter side, and similarly on the vent side. Operating at high power, the Scrubber can process 400 cubic feet of air per minute through its filters. Therefore, it’s perfectly capable of purifying the air on an entire floor of a house without any problems.

Your whole family will breathe easier from day one. You’ll have the confidence that you’ve made the right choice! Comes with a Five (5) Year Manufacturer Warranty.
Eliminates Major Mold Spores from the Air in Minutes!

Frequently Bought Together

AirSafti Air Scrubber Filters AS1200 (12 pack)

AirSafti Air Scrubber Replacement Filters 
Filter size: 10" x 17" both inner and outer filter.
Quantity: 12 pack (6 front, 6 back)


Product Description

Why Turn to The AirSafti Air Scrubber Unit?

So, You Have a Mold or Virus Problem:

  • The Landlord won’t do anything, you know your environment is mold contaminated and you have nowhere to move to
  • The landlord is slow and not doing the right things moving forward to test or clean up the mold
  • The landlord tells you it’s not mold, but you know your family is sick
  • Your place of work tells you nothing’s wrong, but you know the work area is mold contaminated
  • You’re not able to get out of the mold contaminated environment as quickly as you would like due to circumstances
  • Professional mold remediation is too expensive
  • You can’t get a Mold Service Professional out anytime soon to evaluate your problem
  • You’re not sure about your environment and your mold tests and inspection report won’t be ready for sometime
  • You know you have mold and you’re trying to plan the right things to do and need time to figure it all out, but you and your family are getting sicker by the day

Weight: 32 lbs. 
20″ Long 10″ High 17″ Wide
Filter size: 10″ x 17″ both inner and outer filter.

Runs Low amperage – Energy Efficient.


4.57 average based on 46 ratings.
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    (verified owner)

    The product quality exceeds the affordable price I paid. Shipping was also quick. Would shop with this seller again!

  2. Kevin I.
    (verified owner)

    Some cosmetic defects visible but it functions perfectly fine. Good deal for the price, would purchase from this seller again.

  3. Daniel X.
    (verified owner)

    Flawless shopping experience – item works perfectly and shipped unbelievably fast. Beyond thrilled! Will buy again.

  4. Abigail K.
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    Shipped really fast with regular updates from seller. Item was packaged well and works perfectly. Excellent transaction overall.

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    This product simplifies my life tremendously. Easy to use right away and seems very durable. Fast shipping as well.

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    (verified owner)

    This product simplifies everything for me. User friendly and well made. Fast delivery exceeded expectations too.

  9. Grace Z.
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    Worked flawlessly right out of the package. Easy to setup and operate. Fast shipping too! Thrilled with this purchase.

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    This item improved my life so much already! Easy to use and quality materials. Fast shipping was icing on the cake.

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    Customer service responded to my email right away.

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    The product is really high-quality, it’s definitely worth the price.

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    Customer service was super helpful when I had trouble with the order.

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    The shipping was so quick, I was able to use the product the next day.

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  40. Leah G.
    (verified owner)

    Solid and reliable product.

  41. Daniel Y.
    (verified owner)

    The product feels really sturdy, you can tell it’s well made.

  42. Brenda Howard

    Great for mold along with their biocide disinfecant which were both designed as DIY mold remediation products.

  43. Vince M.

    we were looking for a way to sanitize rental properties at least once a week and this air scrubber worked flawlessly

  44. Edward Polk

    Ordered on the 15th of May and received it on the 19th. Considering all the delays going on, this was definitely quick. Thanks

  45. Bob Patrick

    Works great for disinfecting offices and conference rooms.

  46. Nancy Robertson

    We own multiple airbnb properties and needed a quick solution to disinfect homes before guests check-in. This helped us tremendously and we were able to continue with business as usual while protecting our guests!!

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