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BBHD Pro7 Bed Bug Heater


The BBHD Pro7 Bed Bug Heater is a highly effective solution for eliminating bed bug infestations in a variety of settings, including apartments, dorms, camps, hospitals, and homes. This commercial-grade heater is designed to effectively kill all stages of bed bug development, including eggs. The team at Bed Bug Heat Doctor/Prevsol has carefully curated a package that includes everything you need to eliminate bed bug problems for good. This package is affordable, easy to use, and perfect for those looking to tackle bed bug infestations on their own.



The BBHD Pro7 Bed Bug Heater was designed with simplicity in mind. It was created in response to the need for an easy-to-use heater that could be used in an apartment or home, and that was more durable than the plastic, Chinese-made heaters that were available at the time. This powerful bed bug heater uses a four-plug system that is powered by four 110-volt 15-amp circuits, making it easy to use in any room.

It is perfect for use in small rooms, retirement homes, camps, and homes, and can kill bed bugs faster and more safely than any other product on the market. It requires only 6-10 hours for heat treatment, and there is no need to use any chemicals or other products in conjunction with it.

The BBHD Pro7 Bed Bug Heater is a one-piece compact unit that weighs only 24.5 pounds, making it easy to transport with its suitcase handle and wheels. It has a one-year “bumper to bumper” warranty and is made in America. It is the best-in-class heater for smaller rooms, and can effectively treat bed bug infestations in rooms up to 275 square feet.


  • Built-in fan
  • Thermostat controlled
  • Luggage handle and wheels
  • Built and designed in the USA


  • 19,654 BTU
  • Weight: 24.5 pounds
  • Dimensions: 19”x11”x17”

Package includes

  • (1) BBHD-Pro 7 unit
  • (1) 15’ 110-volt extension cord
  • (1) 25’ 110-volt extension cord
  • (2) 50’ 110-volt extension cords
  • (1) Infrared temperature gun
  • (1) Instruction card
  • (1) Instruction DVD
  • (2) Sprinkler head covers


  • (1) Year manufacturer warranty on parts and labor
  • (2) Year manufacturer warranty on resistors
  • Shipping in the contiguous US is included in the warranty


BBHD Pro 7 Instruction Card in English/Spanish


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