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BBHD12 Bed Bug Heater (110V/220V)


The BBHD12 Bed Bug Heater is the top-selling bed bug heater for hotels and motels in North America, with over 2,000 hospitality owners using our heaters. It is a commercial-grade bed bug heater that kills the entire life cycle of bed bugs.  Bed Bug Heat Doctor/Prevsol has assembled the most affordable heater for the do-it-yourself market with a package that includes everything you need to treat and solve your bed bug problems once and for all.

Ideal use: Hotels, motels or any room under 450 square feet with access to 220/240 volt PTACs and 110/120 volt outlets.

For 265/277V version go here



The BBHD12 was designed with ease-of-use for a hotel and motel in mind. After years of struggling with too many cords, heavy heaters, and lack of durability from the plastic, Chinese made heaters, Bed Bug Heat Doctor came up with a simple four plug system using the power outlet from two PTAC’s (240-volt) in the hotel rooms and two 110-volt circuits.

This is one of the most powerful bed bug heaters built for the hospitality market. It kills bed bugs faster and more safely than the competition, requiring only 6-10 hours for heat treatment. The BBHD12 Bed Bug Heater has a three-year warranty and is made in the USA.  When using this powerful bed bug heater, there is no need to use any chemical or other products to kill bed bugs.

The BBHD12 Bed Bug Heater has 40,944 BTU’s and is a one-piece compact unit weighing only 32 pounds. It is easily transported from room to room. It treats bed bug infestations in a room up to 450 square feet. This bed bug heater is the best-in-class heater for hotels and motels.


  • Built-in fan
  • Thermostat controlled
  • Luggage handle and wheels
  • Built and designed in the USA


  • 40,944 BTU
  • Weight: 26 pounds
  • Dimensions: 19”x11”x17”

Package includes

  • (1) BBHD-12 unit
  • (1) 15’ 110-volt extension cord
  • (1) 50’ 110-volt extension cord
  • (1) 20’ 220-volt extension cord
  • (1) 50’ 220-volt extension cord
  • (1) Infrared temperature gun
  • (1) Instruction card
  • (1) Instruction DVD
  • (2) Sprinkler head covers


  • (3) Year manufacturer warranty on parts and labor
  • (3) Year manufacturer warranty on resistors
  • Shipping in the contiguous US is included in the warranty


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5.00 average based on 7 ratings.
  1. Vlad Zakorsky

    This commercial bed bug heater helped us reopen our facility sooner than later at a fraction of the cost of a service company

  2. Anthony O’Rourke

    Our retirement home was looking for bed bug remediation products and were recommended this one. Works well so far

  3. Janelle Pruitt

    Excellent bed bug machine to get rid of those nasty critters that can sneak up on you.

  4. Amizaday Williams

    This is a good price for the product and best of all the order was delivered free in just a few days.

  5. Carlos Torres

    Works very well for getting rid of bed bugs

  6. Ramu Patel

    Needed for several rooms in our hotel that were shut down for weeks. This machine killed all of the bed bugs and we were able to make these rooms available again after a deep cleaning and new mattresses.

  7. Svetlana Mihailov

    This BBHD12 bed bug heater helped us with a bed bug infestation and local pest control companies were quoting us over $15k. The machine saved us a good amount of money and we now have a solution for any future issues.

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