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Please note: this item has been returned by a customer. It may be new, like new, or used. Proper sterilization suggested prior to use.
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The DEDAKJ DDT-2A Oxygen Concentrator is adjustable from 2L-9L of oxygen which makes it ideal for home use, travel, and other outdoor applications. It is a portable oxygen concentrator with PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology to get high-purity quality oxygen.

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Product Description

DEDAKJ DDT-2A Portable 2-9L Adjustable Oxygen Concentrator Generator Oxygen Machine For Home Use with US Plug

DEDAKJ DDT-2A DE-2A Oxygen Concentrator



Product Type: DDT-2A
Rated voltage: AC220V or 110V
Input power: 230w
Net weight: 8kg
Oxygen production: PSA
Display control: LED touch screen
Control distance: 18 meters infrared control
Noise: ≤ 45db
Size: 404*182*383mm
Oxygen flow: 2L-9L / MIN
Display language: English operation interface

Double Used Oxygen Inhalation Set for DEDAKJ Oxygen Generator: 1680553


1. Negative ion function:6 million/cm3
2. Time setting :the longest 180 minutes
3. Power saving mode function
4. Sleep function
5. Automatic power-off protective function (double insurance )
6. Remote infrared control
7. Oxygen accumulated function

Package includes:

1 x 3 meter oxygen tube ( including water storing equipment)
1 x Earhook oxygen inhaler
1 x Nasal cannula
1 x Remote control(without battery)
1 x Power cord
1 x Nose-sucking oxygen outlet mouth
1 x Filter and plug
1 x Oxygen outlet mouth and fuse


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  1. Jonathan X.
    (verified owner)

    Item works well but could use some minor quality improvements. For the price though it meets expectations.

  2. Sophia N.
    (verified owner)

    Product performs very well and was packaged securely to avoid damage. Fast shipping time too. Extremely pleased!

  3. Richard O.
    (verified owner)

    Outstanding shopping experience – stellar product, fair pricing, fast delivery. Will definitely be back!

  4. Adrian L.
    (verified owner)

    Outstanding seller – quality product, fair pricing, fast delivery, great communication. Couldn’t ask for more!

  5. Sierra C.
    (verified owner)

    Item performs smoothly and works exactly as described. Great value at an affordable price. Fast delivery too! Recommend.

  6. Dylan O.
    (verified owner)

    Some minor defects but usable. Shipping took longer than expected. Seller apologized for both issues. Average quality but satisfactory overall.

  7. Emily D.
    (verified owner)

    Item works perfectly and looks great too. Fast shipping time made the experience even better. Would recommend!

  8. Ronald Q.
    (verified owner)

    I couldn’t be more pleased with this transaction. Excellent product, fair pricing, fast shipping – what else could you want?

  9. Raymond S.
    (verified owner)

    Couldn’t ask for a smoother transaction – item as described, fast shipping, excellent seller communication. Highly recommend!

  10. Skylar T.
    (verified owner)

    Smooth ordering process and item arrived promptly. Works perfectly and was a great value. Very satisfied overall!

  11. Carl D.
    (verified owner)

    Flawless transaction. Item as described, works perfectly, fast shipping, and great seller communication. Highly recommend!

  12. Dorothy T.
    (verified owner)

    Outstanding shopping experience – stellar product, fair pricing, fast delivery. Will definitely be back!

  13. James P.
    (verified owner)

    This item improved my life so much already! Easy to use and quality materials. Fast shipping was icing on the cake.

  14. Victoria R.
    (verified owner)

    I’m so glad I found this seller! Fantastic prices, fast shipping, great quality. Will be a returning customer for sure.

  15. Marvin L.
    (verified owner)

    Product works exactly as described and performs all functions I need. Prompt delivery too! Extremely satisfied with purchase.

  16. Ella P.
    (verified owner)

    Truly a 5 star shopping experience. Quality product, fair price, and fast shipping. Could not ask for more! Will shop again.

  17. Ethan Y.
    (verified owner)

    Item was packaged securely and arrived in pristine condition. Works flawlessly too! Thrilled with this purchase.

  18. Leah G.
    (verified owner)

    Product functions flawlessly and shipping was faster than expected. The price was excellent too! Highly recommend!

  19. Gary X.
    (verified owner)

    Smooth purchasing process and fast delivery. Item exactly as shown. Very responsive seller. Would highly recommend!

  20. Kevin M.
    (verified owner)

    Super fast delivery!

  21. Ryan W.
    (verified owner)

    Fastest delivery I’ve ever had.

  22. Avery L.
    (verified owner)

    The product feels really sturdy, definitely well made.

  23. Devin Z.
    (verified owner)

    The delivery was really fast, I was really impressed.

  24. Samantha G.
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    The shipping was so quick, I was amazed.

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    Product is sturdy and high quality.

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