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DEDAKJ DE-1LW Oxygen Concentrator with Nebulizer DDT-1L


The DEDAKJ DE-1LW / DDT-1LW Oxygen Concentrator with nebulizer is adjustable from 1L-7L of oxygen which makes it ideal for home use, travel, and other outdoor applications. It is a portable oxygen concentrator with PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology to get high-purity quality oxygen.

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Product Description

DEDAKJ DE-1LW / DDT-1L Portable 1-7L Adjustable Oxygen Concentrator with Nebulizer Oxygen Generator Machine For Home Use with US Plug

Model DE-1LW / DDT-1L
Oxygen concentration 30%-90%(±3%) adjustable
Display control HD LCD touch screen
Rated voltage AC220 ± 22V ( or 110V)
Control distance 18 meters infrared remote control
Net weight 7.0kg
Operating noise 40-45dB
Oxygen generation method Pressure Swing Adsorption(PSA)
Size 340 x 180 x 310mm
Inhalation method Ear hanging oxygen, Nose suction (earhook oxygen inhaler, nasal cannula)
Oxygen output 1L-7L  adjustable
Max Oxygen flow rate 7L/min
Max oxygen concentration 93%
Input power 120VA
Negative ion function The use of high-frequency negative ion transmitter
Standard accessories Atomization cup / Mask / Atomization tube
3 meters oxygen tube ( water storing equipment)
Ear hook oxygen inhaler  1 pcs
Nasal cannula   1 pcs
One key remote control   1 pcs
Power cord  1 pcs
Nose-sucking oxygen mouth  1 pcs
Filter and plug  1 set
Oxygen outlet mouth and fuse  1 set
User manual and certification  1 set
Product warranty card   1 pcs

1. Real-time oxygen concentration monitoring: Convenient for the elderly to see the current flow concentration data
2. Failure alarm: Convenient for the elderly to learn machine failure
3. Nebulizer function: meet elderly more demands
4. Stalls design: Sensitive touch for the elderly supplement oxygen operation
5. Surface vacuum UV treatment: Stylish appearance,
6. Big flow rate and high oxygen concentration: adopt original imported molecular sieve, regulate flow rate from 1L to 6L, 6L for double oxygen inhalation.
7. Power save mode when oxygen inhalation
8. Sleep function: Reduce the screen light, not disturb sleep in oxygen supplement
9. 24-hour continuous power to work, convenient for the elderly supplement oxygen for a long time
10. Preset time setting: preset time from 0 to 180 minutes, automatically shut down
11. Import high-frequency negative ion transmitter, transmit 6 million/CM3 negative oxygen ion
12. Noise reduction to keep sleep
13. Separate power cord plug
14. Outlet oxygen mouth with Surface gold-plated
15. Atomizing outlet mouth with surface gold-plated
16. HD LCD big screen
17. Original imported molecular sieve
18. Pure copper oil-free compressor
19. Aluminum-magnesium alloy cooling fan with low noise
20. Original import ceramics separation valve

DEDAKJ DDT-1L Oxygen Concentrator DE-1LW with Nebulizer

DEDAKJ DDT-1L Oxygen Concentrator DE-1LW with Nebulizer

DEDAKJ DDT-1L Oxygen Concentrator with Nebulizer DE-1LW DEDAKJ DDT-1L Oxygen Concentrator with Nebulizer DE-1LW DEDAKJ DDT-1L Oxygen Concentrator with Nebulizer DE-1LW

DEDAKJ DDT-1L Oxygen Concentrator with Nebulizer DE-1LW

DEDAKJ DDT-1L Oxygen Concentrator with Nebulizer DE-1LW


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    Simple design and easy to use right out of box. Affordable price while still being decent quality. Would purchase again.

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    I can’t recommend this purchase enough – amazing item, fair price, fast shipping. Exceeded all expectations by far!

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    Fantastic shopping experience! Item works perfectly and the seller delivered exceptionally fast. Beyond pleased.

  4. Fred K.
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    This product is exactly what I was looking for. Good quality materials and construction. Performs very well so far. Fast shipping too. Would highly recommend this seller.

  5. Anthony N.
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    Excellent value for an affordable price. Item works flawlessly and shipping was impressively fast too. Recommend!

  6. Sydney I.
    (verified owner)

    Item works perfectly and was simple to get going out of the box. Sturdy make. Fast shipping exceeded expectations.

  7. Jacob S.
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    Product is high quality at a great price point. Functions smoothly and flawlessly too. Fast shipping!

  8. Heather O.
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    Worked flawlessly right out of the package. Easy to setup and operate. Fast shipping too! Thrilled with this purchase.

  9. Jacob S.
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    Item functions flawlessly and was easy to setup. Excellent value too considering the affordable price. Fast shipping.

  10. Ian G.
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    I can’t recommend this purchase enough – amazing item, fair price, fast shipping. Exceeded all expectations by far!

  11. Avery L.
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    Works exactly as described and expected based on the product information. Arrived promptly too. Very satisfied and would order again.

  12. Adam S.
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    Absolutely thrilled with this seller’s affordable pricing, quick shipping, and product quality. Will shop again for sure!

  13. Emily D.
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    I couldn’t be happier with this purchase! The product works great and arrived promptly. Excellent transaction.

  14. Marvin L.
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    Smooth ordering process and item arrived promptly. Works perfectly and was a great value. Very satisfied overall!

  15. Courtney O.
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    This is a top quality item at an affordable price point. Shipping was surprisingly fast too! Highly recommend this seller.

  16. Matthew D.
    (verified owner)

    Not quite what I expected based on the photos but still a good product. Took a while to arrive but customer service was helpful. Would probably order again.

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    (verified owner)

    Product functions smoothly and is nice quality. Appreciated the prompt shipping. Excellent shopping experience overall!

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    Great help from customer service.

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    The customer service was really understanding when I needed a refund.

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    Product is top-notch.

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    The product is really sturdy, seems like it will last a long time.

  32. Norman Shelby

    Excellent customer service and delivered in just 2 days.

  33. Kayce Howard

    This oxygen concentrator seems to work well and the price is just right for what I had in mind!

  34. Azrul Adhar

    Everything went smoothly. Will order from you again

  35. Jessica Goodwin

    Was looking for this oxygen concentrator from a reputable company and I’m glad I came across Germaphobix! Great customer service and fast free shipping!!

  36. Alexis Francis

    There was a slight issue with my order which took some time to take care of but they went above and beyond to address the issue. That is the only reason I’m removing one star, but would definitely recommend

  37. Yazmin O’Keefe

    The dedakj de-1lw arrived as described in a matter of days.

  38. Tim Sykes

    I went with this option because it comes with a nebulizer outlet for roughly the same as the DE-1A. It was definitely worth the extra $30

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