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DIY Mold Air Test Kit | Professional Grade HVAC Toxic Mold Test


Mold Test Company and Biocide Labs have teamed up to bring you a professional grade do it yourself mold test kit for your HVAC system. The MTC DIY Mold Air Test Kit is designed to give insight to the presents of mold toxins you may be breathing throughout your home. This mold test gives you a cost-effective alternative to expensive 3rd party complete home mold inspections.



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  1. Dennis H.
    (verified owner)

    Impressed by the product quality.

  2. Everly X.
    (verified owner)

    The product is really durable, it’s clearly made to last.

  3. Justin D.
    (verified owner)

    I had a question and customer service answered it super fast.

  4. Kimberly I.
    (verified owner)

    The shipping was incredibly fast, I got the product the next day.

  5. Ava P.
    (verified owner)

    Delivery was faster than promised.

  6. Henry D.
    (verified owner)

    The customer service team was really understanding with my issue.

  7. Nova J.
    (verified owner)

    I had a question and customer service answered it super fast.

  8. Courtney O.
    (verified owner)

    Really helpful customer service.

  9. Isaac Z.
    (verified owner)

    The product is definitely high-quality, works great.

  10. Natalie V.
    (verified owner)

    Product is well-made and durable.

  11. Garrett H.
    (verified owner)

    Customer service was really quick to fix my issue.

  12. Howard N.
    (verified owner)

    The customer service was really patient with me when I had an issue.

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