Gunshot Residue Test Kit


SwabTek’s GSR Test Kit offers precise presumptive testing for gunshot residue, focusing on inorganic metallic fragments from firearm discharges. It’s versatile in sample collection, effective on surfaces ranging from firearm components to clothing.

SwabTek’s GSR Test Kit screens for metallic fragments, including copper and zinc. For further information on detection, please refer to the User Manual for this test.

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Product Description

SwabTek’s Gunshot Residue (GSR) Test Kit: Forensic Precision at Your Fingertips

In the critical realm of forensic evidence, the detection of gunshot residue (GSR) plays a pivotal role. SwabTek’s GSR Test Kit stands as an exemplar in this domain, engineered to presumptively test for the distinct presence of GSR with unmatched accuracy.

In-Depth Screening Capability:
Our kit specializes in detecting the inorganic constituents of GSR—those telltale metallic fragments left behind after a firearm discharges. This ensures that the vital evidence in forensic investigations doesn’t go unnoticed.

Versatile Sample Collection:
Whether you’re examining firearm components, bullet shells, casings, or even body parts and clothing, our kit is adept at lifting samples from a plethora of surfaces commonly associated with GSR.

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