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Medical Mold Exposure Test


Biocide Labs is proud to offer our clients access to a unique medical mold exposure test, accompanied by an epidemiologist’s medical resource assessment review. This is made possible, thanks to a partnership with MLG Medical. The testing panel has been identified by a team of board-certified Toxicologists, Epidemiologists, Medical Doctors, and Industrial Hygienists to pinpoint Mold toxins in the human body. Once the test results are tabulated MLG medicals program includes at no additional fee, ongoing access to resource staff. They will review the results with you and offer guidance for the next medical steps to the road to recovery.

Results of this test are not official diagnostics. This is only meant to assist your healthcare provider implement proper treatment plan.

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Product Description

mold exposure test

What does the Mold Exposure Test identify?

MLG Medical Testing panel identifies 11 unique toxin types, from over 40 toxic mold species. This is achieved using the cutting-edge technology of mass spectrometry, allowing for the highest level of medical accuracy. Clients can perform this test from the comfort of their own homes via urinalysis. Results are available within 2-3 weeks of the specimen’s submission and include certified test results. The results can then be used by your doctor as a medical road map to identify the best course of action.

Toxin Markers:


mold exposure test

How will the epidemiologist help?

The epidemiologists at MLG Medical have years of experience helping to delineate medical information both to individuals and medical professionals. Their goal is to ensure that each client has a full understanding of the test results and provide resources tailored to the specific toxins identified.

All the MLG Medical Epidemiologists have strict education and certification background requirements including but not limited to:


  • B.S. Biochemistry
  • M.P.H Epidemiology
  • CARDEA, Basic Microbiology for Infection Perfectionists in Nursing Homes
  • CARDEA, A Risk-Based Approach to Infection Prevention in LongTerm Care
  • Center for Disease Control (CDC) Completion of Infection Prevention and Control Program
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) IS-00700.b National Incident Management
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) IS-00703.b NIMS Resource Management

MLG Medical Mold Exposure Test

Who is MLG Medical?

MLG Medical is a nationally recognized medical expert platform operating throughout the United States, with a focus on expert witness assessment. They specialize in medical/environmental correlations and mold exposure diagnosis. MLG Medical testing has only recently been made available to the public. For the past 15 years prior to our partnership, the testing was exclusively available through law firms. MLG Medical has always required the program to be held to the highest and strictest standards in order to be effective in court. The program is a combination of over 15 years of medical and environmental research with the goal of reliably identifying and diagnosing mold sickness.


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