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Fentanyl+ Test Kit


SwabTek’s Fentanyl+ Test Kit is a comprehensive solution for detecting fentanyl, its analogues, and other high-risk narcotics in various sample forms. Whether encountering powders, crystalline grains, liquids, or gels, the kit ensures accurate identification. Designed for both solid and liquid samples, it can even recognize commercial pharmaceutical products.


• Screens for Fentanyl + Major Fentanyl Analogues + other select high-threat Narcotics, including select Opioids and Amphetamines
• Can identify the presence of Fentanyl Analogues with a level of detection as little as 3 μg

Orders of 500 or more tests receive a 10% credit after checkout


Product Description

SwabTek’s Fentanyl+ Test Kit: Your Shield Against High-Threat Narcotics

In a world where narcotics are becoming increasingly potent and varied, having a reliable detection system is paramount. Enter SwabTek’s Fentanyl+ Test Kit, crafted meticulously to detect not just fentanyl, but its elusive analogues and other high-risk narcotics in any sample form.

Adaptable Testing:
Whether you’re dealing with pure forms, clandestine blends, or commercial pharmaceutical products, our kit is designed to handle both solid and liquid samples. From powders and crystalline grains to dissolved liquids and gels, trust SwabTek for comprehensive detection.

Universal Appearance Recognition:
Narcotics come in various appearances. Our kit recognizes samples ranging from white and off-white powders to crystalline textures, ensuring you’re never caught off guard.

Flexible Pricing Structure:
Our commitment to safety spans across borders. While we offer competitive rates for our US patrons, please note that international pricing might differ to accommodate regional nuances.

For all your narcotic detection needs, trust SwabTek’s Fentanyl+ Test Kit to deliver accurate and efficient results every time. Navigate the complex world of narcotics with confidence and precision.

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