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Cannabis Test Kit


SwabTek’s Cannabis Test Kit offers precise detection of cannabis across a variety of products and surfaces, from traditional plant materials to modern edibles and vapes. With its specially treated cotton swab and the enhanced Generation 2 version, the kit ensures accurate results in a diverse cannabis landscape.

• Δ-9-THC
• Marijuana
• Industrial Hemp
• Cannabinoids
• Hashish
• Ganja

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Product Description

SwabTek’s Advanced Cannabis Test Kit: Detect with Precision in a World of Diverse Cannabis Products

In today’s age, where cannabis has been innovatively incorporated into various products and forms, ensuring accurate detection is crucial. Introducing SwabTek’s Cannabis Test Kit, your reliable solution for presumptively identifying the presence of cannabis.

Unmatched Versatility: Our state-of-the-art kit comes with a specially treated cotton swab, designed to effortlessly test cannabis residues across a multitude of surfaces. Say goodbye to the limitations of needing plant samples.

Broad Spectrum Detection: From the traditional plant materials to modern-day vape pens, vaping juices, and luxurious creams, our test kit boasts an unparalleled detection range. Whether you’re examining edibles, gels, or surfaces that have had cannabis contact, SwabTek ensures accurate results.

Embrace the Generation 2 Revolution: We’re proud to unveil the Generation 2 version of the Cannabis Test Kit, packed with enhanced features for an even more efficient testing experience. Dive into the future of cannabis detection and witness the evolution firsthand.

Tailored Pricing: We understand the varied needs of our global clientele. While we’ve provided competitive pricing for our US customers, international pricing might differ. We’re committed to delivering value, irrespective of the boundaries.

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