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Liquid Explosives Test Kit


SwabTek’s Liquid Explosive Test Kit offers precise detection of explosive chemicals in liquids with a user-friendly cotton swab. Ensuring utmost safety, it seamlessly fits into existing security setups across diverse venues. The comprehensive kit detects a wide array of explosives, from liquids to gels, ensuring maximum protection.

• (pH) ACIDS: Sulfuric acid, Nitric acid, Hydrochloric acid, Picric acid, BASES – Hydrazine, Organic amines
• Volatile Organics: Nitromethane, Nitroethane, Acetone, Fuels (petrol / diesel / benzene), Hydrazine
• Nitro-based Organics: NG, Nitric acid
• Oxidizers: Peroxides, MEKP, Hydrogen Peroxide, Hypochlorites, Hypobromites


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Product Description

SwabTek’s Liquid Explosive Test Kit: The Gold Standard in Explosive Detection

In an era where safety is paramount, having a reliable tool to detect potential threats is essential. SwabTek’s Liquid Explosive Test Kit stands out, expertly crafted to presumptively detect explosive chemicals in any liquid sample with unparalleled precision.

Effortless Sample Collection: Thanks to our cotton swab design, testing is simplified. Forget scooping, pouring, or mixing; our kit ensures quick, easy, and safe testing of any liquid suspected to contain explosive elements.

Prioritizing User Safety: SwabTek upholds the highest safety standards. Our test is not only intuitive but also free from harmful substances like acids, carcinogens, and toxic liquids, ensuring maximum user protection.

Seamless Integration: With our cutting-edge dry-paper technology, our kit integrates effortlessly into existing security protocols across varied environments—from bustling airports and packed stadiums to critical border crossings and vigilant mailrooms.

Comprehensive Testing in One Kit: Each kit is all-encompassing, featuring four distinct tests: pH, volatile organic compounds, nitrogen compounds, and peroxide tests. It’s designed to detect a range of explosive samples, including homemade explosives in forms like liquids, aerosols, gels, and creams.

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