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General Narcotics Test Kit


SwabTek’s General Narcotics Test Kit offers extensive screening for a wide range of narcotics across both liquid and solid samples. Ideal for zero-tolerance settings like workplaces and schools, it ensures comprehensive detection, even in unconventional items like vape oil and paper products.

• Screens for classes of narcotics, including: common street drugs, illicit drug precursors, synthetic cannabinoids.

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Product Description

SwabTek’s General Narcotics Test Kit: The Ultimate in Broad-Spectrum Narcotics Detection

In a world where narcotics come in myriad forms and compounds, having a one-size-fits-all detection tool is invaluable. Presenting SwabTek’s General Narcotics Test Kit, meticulously engineered to screen a vast spectrum of narcotics with unparalleled accuracy.

Versatile Testing Capabilities: Whether it’s liquid or solid samples, or even unique contraband items like paper products and vape oil, our kit stands prepared. Its comprehensive detection range ensures that no narcotic substance goes unnoticed.

Ideal for Zero-Tolerance Environments: Given its extensive screening capability, this kit is the go-to solution for settings that demand a complete narcotics-free environment. From corrections facilities and private workplaces to educational institutions, SwabTek ensures utmost peace of mind.

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