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Heroin Test Kit


SwabTek’s Heroin Test Kit delivers superior detection of heroin on any surface, even in the absence of visible residues. Utilizing a specialized swab, it ensures safe testing across a spectrum of forms, from powders and rocks to pastes and oils.


• Heroin Free Base
• Black Tar
• Afghan Brown
• Mexican Brown
• China White
• China Girl
• Brown Sugar
• Hell Dust
• Speedball

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Product Description

SwabTek’s Heroin Test Kit: Unparalleled Detection in a Complex Landscape

Heroin, a drug with diverse forms and appearances, necessitates a detection tool that’s both precise and adaptable. Enter SwabTek’s Heroin Test Kit, crafted meticulously for the presumptive identification of heroin in any sample.

Versatile Surface Testing: Equipped with a specially treated cotton swab, our kit seamlessly tests for heroin residues on any surface, regardless of the absence of visible powder. From spoons and needles to baggies and hands, rest assured no surface goes unchecked.

Safety Above All: SwabTek holds your safety paramount. Our user-friendly test kit is devoid of harmful substances like acids, carcinogens, and toxic liquids, ensuring you a secure and reliable testing experience.

Detecting Heroin’s Many Forms: Heroin presents itself in various shades and textures. Whether you’re confronting white, brown, or black samples, be it powders, hard rocks, sticky residues, pastes, liquids, oils, or vaping juices, our kit is your steadfast detection ally.

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