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Taylor K-2005 Deluxe DPD Pool Water Test Kit


Taylors Deluxe DPD Test Kit lets you test for all the major chemical levels needed to maintain a crystal clear and algae-free pool or spa. Whether you’re working on a commercial or residential location, this DPD test kit provides the most accurate sanitizer levels and easy instructions for testing other chemical levels as well.

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Taylor K-2005 Deluxe DPD Pool Water Test Kit

Complete with .75 oz. bottles of each of the testing reagents, Taylors deluxe test kit lets you test total bromine, total and free chlorine, total alkalinity, cyanuric acid, calcium hardness, and pH levels for both acid and base demand. The kit also includes a shatterproof 2-celled comparator with easy-to-distinguish color gradations, a CYA dispensing bottle, a Watergram Water Balance Calculator, Water Chemistry Guide, and a waterproof color-coded summary of testing instructions is affixed to the inside of the lid of the hard-shell case. All components of the kit are also individually replaceable. Ensure your pool or spa is always crystal clear by testing with Taylors deluxe kit, one of the most trusted names in pool and spa chemical testing. All Taylor Products are made in the U.S.A.

Test Kit Includes the Following Reagents:

  • .75 oz. DPD Reagent #1 – R-0001-A
  • .75 oz. DPD Reagent #2 – R-0002-A
  • .75 oz. DPD Reagent #3 – R-0003-A
  • .75 oz. pH Indicator #4 – R-0004-A
  • .75 oz. Acid Demand Reagent #5 – R-0005-A
  • .75 oz. Base Demand Reagent #6 – R-0006-A
  • .75 oz. A Thiosulphate N/10 #7 – R-0007-A
  • .75 oz. Total Alkalinity Indicator #8 – R-0008-A
  • .75 oz. Sulfuric Acid #9 – R-0009-A
  • .75 oz. Calcium Buffer #10 – R-0010-A
  • .75 oz. Calcium Indicator Liquid #11L – R-0011L-A
  • .75 oz. Hardness Reagent #12 – R-0012-A
  • .75 oz. Cyanuric Acid Reagent #13 – R-0013-A

Kit Components:

  • Taylor Waterproof Testing Guide – 2004B
  • 2000 Series Comparator Large Cell Cap – 3312
  • 2000 Series Comparator Small Cell Cap – 3313
  • Taylor Watergram Balance Calculator – 60287
  • .75 oz. CYA Dispensing Bottle – 9191
  • 2-Cell Block Comparator (High) – 9056


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