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Authentic CheckMate Semen Detection Kit


You’re no crime scene investigator, but you might still need to investigate! Need some support trying to find out if you’re exaggerating? When it comes to your wife, husband, significant other, or even your teens, it’s never a good idea to be presumptive about their sexual activity.

The checkmate home infidelity semen detection kit is scientifically formulated to monitor your partner’s or children’s sexual activity. Checkmate is a fast and accurate test solution that can help expose a cheating spouse’s sexual activity by detecting traces of semen. Within minutes, you’ll have a report of a negative or positive result. Exactly like what real crime scene specialists use, this semen detection kit is a great test kit to monitor for underage sex or if you suspect a possible case of child molestation.




The Checkmate infidelity detection kit is simple to use. Take some of the clear liquid provided in the kit and wet the stain on the undergarment or bed sheet you are testing. Then mix the powder, and the clear liquid like the instruction say. Next, use the provided cotton swabs/test strips to blot the stain until some stain is visible on the cotton swab. Use the mixture on the cotton swab/test strips. If semen is present, the test strips will turn purple, showing a positive result. If nothing is present, test strips will turn brown, which means a negative outcome. Make sure to read and follow all the instructions to ensure accurate results.


Think your spouse is cheating? Think your underage kids are having sex? Need some help on your search for clues? The good news is that you don’t need to be a forensic specialist to search for evidence! Fortunately, our easy-to-use semen detection kits can provide you with fast and accurate positive or negative results. Checkmate’s semen detection test is a fast and accurate solution to expose a cheating spouse’s sexual unfaithfulness or underage sex and possible child molestation by detecting traces of semen. It can be used on virtually any surface where semen may be present, including sheets, blankets, underwear, clothing, and more!


  • 100% effective in the detection of the presence of semen
  • Designed to work on any color or material and it will not damage or stain the material being tested
  • Get 5-6 semen detection test kits out of one purchase, with accurate test results in 5 minutes or less
  • Helpful in determining molestation suspicions, if your spouse is cheating or check if your kids are having underage sex


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