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Mold Bomb Fogger 6oz (6 pack)


Easy to use Mold Bomb Particulate Fogger, prevents mold toxins from becoming a growing problem. Mold Bomb suppresses mold spore fine particulates in just one treatment. Our revolutionary one-of-a-kind delivery system will access places traditionally out-of-reach with other cleaning products. Mold Bomb FPF is great for particulate suppression with contents, rooms, attics, basements, and crawlspaces. Do not risk the spread of a mold toxin problem with a less effective product. Go with a proven cleaning system that works, “Mold Bomb Fine Particulate Fogger”!

Effective range per 6oz can: 100sqft space
Quantity: Case of 6 x 6oz Mold Bomb Particulate Foggers



Blow toxic mold particulates away with the click of a tab

Mold Bomb Fogger Biocide Labs

Mold Bomb Blows Mold Away

Mold problems come with a variety of health challenges connected to Mycotoxins. When a mold spore germinates it leaves behind inanimate organic fragments as microscopic fine and ultra-fine particulates. These fragments can carry nonliving poison called Mycotoxins. They can become easily airborne, travel throughout an environment, and get into places a traditional product cannot reach, making them difficult to clean. Our revolutionary Mold Bomb Particulate Fogger is designed to remove mycotoxin carrying fine and ultra-fine particulate debris from the air using particulate suppression. This process grounds the particulates, making clean up quick and effective. Our product works great as a pre-or-post-treatment in conjunction with an antimicrobial cleaner. For use in both residential and commercial environments. Non-pesticide spore suppression cleaner (Read Label)








5.00 average based on 7 ratings.
  1. Mariko G. Baez

    Very good product to target mold spores and destroy them

  2. Frederick Longoria

    Shipped immediately after payment and delivered within 2 business days. Good job

  3. Emily D. Miller

    Happy with my purchase

  4. Rhonda Ingle

    Helped us get rid of mold in a home we’re renovating. This literally saved us thousands in mold remediation fees.

  5. Robert Sanchez

    Excellent product used by professionals

  6. Bernice

    Just found out about this product and was impressed with the reviews. I will definitely purchase this product to remediate mold in my home. It seems like a reliable product and cost effective against recent price quotes for mold remediations.

  7. William Austin

    Our sales person John was great he directed us to the correct remediation kit for our home. We experienced a small flood due to a floor drain backing during a torrential rain downpour. We since have corrected our problem. Also a shout out to Caleb who explained in detail every step to use this kit. Thank you team Germaphobix, will recommend you to others!

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