Mr. Spray – Portable Electrostatic Sprayer


Mr. Spray comes with a 129W negative ion generator that continuously produces high concentrations of negatively charged anions that neutralize positively charged bacteria and particles in the air and on surfaces. The tank capacity is 1.8L and the rechargeable battery is 20V.

Ideal for small indoor spaces such as offices, bathrooms and supply rooms.

Important Notice: This is not a pesticide device and is not to be used as such. This is only meant to disperse cleaning and disinfecting products according to those product instructions. We do not sell any pesticides or pesticidal products.

Recommended disinfectants: Biocide 100 or Shockwave



Portable ULV Fogger Spray MachineMr. Spray Portable ULV Fogger

Mr. Spray Portable ULV Fogger

Mr. Spray Portable ULV Fogger Mr. Spray Portable ULV Fogger Mr. Spray Portable ULV Fogger Mr. Spray Portable ULV Fogger Mr. Spray Portable ULV Fogger


4.94 average based on 16 ratings.
  1. Jacob R.

    works just as advertised

  2. Alex Mendes

    This mini electrostatic sprayer was suggested to me by customer service for frequent disinfection of my apartment. It is easy to use and has enough power to cover every corner of the home. Actually, this is the best priced sprayer I have come across. Good deal!

  3. Amanda Watson

    Arrived in one week and functions well. I like that it can be left running by itself or that we can manually spray rooms

  4. Patrick Betancourt

    Works great to spray our offices and common areas with disinfectants.

  5. Shiv Patel

    Impressed with the power in this handheld spraying device

  6. Johnathan Perry

    much better than expected thank you

  7. Tara Peterson

    Our school purchased a dozen of these for our faculty to use for disinfecting. We are satisfied with the quality of the Mr. Spray devices as well as the great customer service!

  8. Jackson Moses

    Purchased a dozen for an EMS department for disinfecting ambulances after each use with an extra battery per unit. The devices are definitely handy for our staff and work very well.

  9. Alexis Maple

    This is one heck of a deal for an electrostatic sprayer that is also handheld and portable. Happy with my purchase for sure!!!

  10. Vincent D’Apolito

    I recommend this sprayer for disinfecting purposes

  11. Rachel Watson

    This one is actually electrostatic unlike other similar ones out there that I purchased before finding this company. The others are considered ULV foggers and not electrostatic like the Mr Spray. Glad to have found it at a reasonable rate.

  12. Joseph Bernard

    Ordered on 11/2 and received it today 11/4. Super fast shipping considering it’s free. Product seems to be of high quality.

  13. Cynthia Wu

    it’s good for smaller areas and the price is just right for small businesses

  14. Carlos Rivera

    This is ideal for smaller spaces but I would recommend getting an extra battery if used regularly.

  15. Rob Nguyen

    You have to use it with care since it does not have a rugged design.

  16. Jamie Griffin

    It is a helpful cleaning tool for our church

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