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Industrial Air Scrubber w/ 3-Stage Filtration, Stackable Negative Air Machine 800 CFM, MERV10, Carbon, H13 HEPA


UV-C Light Innovation: Equipped with UV-C light, our air scrubber surpasses traditional air purifiers by effectively neutralizing airborne contaminants. This advanced UV-C technology, combined with superior filters, actively disintegrates unpleasant odors from smoking, cooking, pets, and more.

Three-Tier Filtration: Our negative air machine boasts a robust three-stage filtration process, which includes a MERV-10 pre-filter, activated carbon filter, and H13 HEPA filter. It proficiently eliminates dust, pollen, smoke, and various odors, capturing 99.97% of microscopic particles down to 0.3 microns. The result is a rapid enhancement of your indoor air quality, fostering a more enjoyable living space.

High-Capacity Airflow: Featuring a durable, high-performance copper motor, this portable air purifier offers longevity and stability. Its design includes a 15.5” intake and 8.5” outlet, achieving an ideal purification flow. With an air processing capacity of 5,500 cubic feet and a peak airflow of 800 CFM (adjustable), it ensures comprehensive air cleanliness throughout the room.

Intuitive Control Panel: The user-friendly interface allows for simple management of the air purifier’s settings, including airflow adjustment, timer customization, UV-C light operation, and overheat protection via a circuit breaker. It also features a filter change indicator light and two auxiliary sockets, permitting the linking of up to three units for a total airflow capacity of 2400 CFM.

Ready-to-Use Versatility: No assembly needed. Lightweight at only 35 pounds and designed with a collapsible handle, this unit is effortlessly portable and can be conveniently stored. It is ideally suited for improving air quality in various settings, such as during home renovations, on construction sites, in fire damage restoration, and more.

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