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Waykar 150 Pints Commercial Dehumidifier


Effortlessly manage indoor moisture with Waykar’s 150 pints commercial dehumidifier, designed for spaces up to 7,000 Sq Ft, extracting up to 150 pints daily. This ENERGY STAR certified device offers dual drainage options, a visible water tank level, and a detachable filter. The intuitive control panel with a digital humidity display ensures easy operation and precise adjustments, while an integrated Child Lock ensures safety. Perfect for homes, basements, wine vaults, and more, it’s the ultimate solution for optimal air quality.


Product Description

Harness the power of our dehumidifier to remove a striking 150 pints of moisture daily (under 95°F, 90%RH condition), servicing expansive zones up to 7,000 Sq. Ft. and fine-tuning humidity between 40% to 80%. This device stands as an optimal choice for homes, basements, wine vaults, garages, markets, event spaces, and other vast indoor/outdoor locales.

Efficient Humidistat with ENERGY STAR Certification – Experience the advantage of Waykar’s ENERGY STAR endorsed dehumidifier, tailored to maintain room humidity at its prime while minimizing energy consumption. Equipped with a 90° oscillating fan offering dual-speed settings, it guarantees thorough drying. Its auto-defrost functionality ensures consistent performance, even in cooler environments.

Diverse Drainage Alternatives – We’ve incorporated dual drainage options for your ease. Manually empty the 7.7L (2.04 Gal) tank or opt for the uninterrupted drainage using the inclusive 3.3 ft hose. Stay informed with the transparent water level indicator and ensure air purity by periodically washing the removable filter. Note: Secure the switch when utilizing the water tank to prevent potential leaks.

Simplified Operation & Safety Features – Navigate the smartly designed control panel to effortlessly adjust settings. A digital humidity display aids in monitoring and fine-tuning moisture levels. Once you’ve set your preferred humidity, the device intelligently manages dehumidification to uphold your choice. To safeguard youngsters, the Child Lock mechanism negates inadvertent adjustments.

Moisture Removal (95°F, 90%): 150 pints / day
Practical Room Size: 7,000 Sq. Ft
Residential Use: Bathrooms, Basements, Wine Cellars, Garages

Water Tank Capacity: 2.03 Gallons (7.7L)
Full Bucket Indicator/Auto Shut-off: Yes
Continuous Drain Capable: Yes
Drain Hose Included: Yes
Drain Hose Length: 3.28 ft.
Humidistat: Yes
Automatic Defrost: Yes
Auto-Restart: Yes
Fan Speeds: 2
Filter Type: Washable
Casters: Yes
ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient: Yes

Power Source: 115V / 60Hz
Dimensions (L x W x H): 14.96*10.83*24.29 inches
Weight: 38.69 lbs



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