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BioMatrix Air Scrubber


Elevate your indoor air quality to professional standards with the BioMatrix Air Scrubber. Designed for those who demand the highest level of air purity, this air purifier sets the benchmark in advanced air filtration technology. Constructed from robust high-grade steel, the BioMatrix Air Scrubber is not just durable but also features a sleek design to fit any decor.

Equipped with a state-of-the-art HEPA Merv-13 filter, it boasts the capacity to purify up to 600 cubic feet of air per minute (CFM), capturing particles as small as 0.3 microns. From mold spores and pollen to dust and pollutants, it removes a wide array of airborne contaminants, ensuring medical-grade air quality in your space.

With three adjustable speed settings, controlled effortlessly via a user-friendly remote, achieving the perfect air quality level has never been easier. Trust BioMatrix Systems for air purification that meets the rigorous standards of professionals, providing you and your loved ones with a safe, clean, and healthy breathing environment.

Note: This is the official replacement to the AirSafti Air Scrubber that has been discontinued.


Product Description

biomatrix air scrubberUnlock the Ultimate Value in Air Purification with the BioMatrix Air Scrubber

Breathe easier and safeguard your family’s health from day one with the BioMatrix Air Scrubber, the pinnacle of air filtration solutions at an unbeatable price. Unlike competitors’ models ranging from $900 to $1,500, our Air Scrubber delivers unmatched quality for the price, complete with a comprehensive 5-Year Warranty.

Rapidly Remove Mold Spores for a Healthier Home!

  • Advanced Professional and Hospital-Grade Purification
  • MERV-13 HEPA Filtration: Captures particles down to 0.3 microns
  • Versatile 3 Speed Settings with Durable High-Grade Steel Construction
  • Convenient Remote Control for Easy Operation

biomatrix air scrubber

Why Choose the BioMatrix Air Scrubber?

Target Precision Mold Spore Removal: Combat potential respiratory issues and allergic reactions with our HEPA filtration system, designed to significantly reduce mold spores in your home.

Alleviate Allergies and Asthma: Enhance the living conditions for those suffering from allergies or asthma by eliminating airborne allergens and irritants.

Improve Air Quality for Pet Owners: Say goodbye to pet dander, fur, and odors, ensuring a cleaner, fresher home environment for everyone.

Guard Against Seasonal Pollutants: Protect your family from pollen and mold spores, offering relief from seasonal allergies and respiratory concerns.

Neutralize Smoke and Unpleasant Odors: Keep your home smelling fresh by effectively filtering out smoke and odors from cooking, wildfires, or smoking.

Boost Immune System Health: Reduce the risk of airborne illnesses by eliminating harmful bacteria, viruses, and mold, essential for homes with vulnerable residents.

Experience the difference with the BioMatrix Air Scrubber, your solution to a healthier, cleaner home environment at an exceptional value.

biomatrix air scrubberbiomatrix air scrubberbiomatrix air scrubber


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  1. Caleb C.
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    I can’t say enough positive things about this seller. Great product, fair prices, fast shipping. Completely satisfied!

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    This product saves me so much time now! Easy to use and good quality. Fast shipping as well. Would definitely buy again from this seller.

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    Items received were exactly as advertised, very satisfied.

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    The website is user-friendly, made my shopping experience smooth.

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    Received my order in perfect condition, packaging was very secure.

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    Wide range of products, all high-quality and reliable.

  7. Brian L.
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    Prices are fair, especially considering the high quality of the items.

  8. Tyler X.
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    My order was packed with care, arrived in perfect condition.

  9. Jacob S.
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    Product performs exceptionally well and looks nice too. Great value for the affordable price. Fast shipping was a plus!

  10. Dennis H.
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    Product works exactly as described and performs all functions I need. Prompt delivery too! Extremely satisfied with purchase.

  11. Jack F.
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    The loyalty program is great, offers good rewards and discounts.

  12. Dennis H.
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    Product functions very smoothly and has nice durable construction. Fast delivery too! Extremely pleased with purchase.

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    Looks nice and works great. Needed this item for a while and finally purchased at a reasonable price. Would recommend.

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    Received my order in just two days! Super quick delivery.

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    Highly satisfied with this purchase. Item functions flawlessly and the seller delivered lighting fast! Outstanding experience.

  16. Sandra Q.
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    Seller double shipped my order by mistake. Let them know and they sent a prepaid return label. Excellent customer service.

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