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Microbial Air Sampler for Clean Room


Compact Airborne Microbe Sampler designed for monitoring the microbial content of the air in controlled settings, including ISO 5 cleanrooms.

Discover the FKC-1 Airborne Dust Sampler, a state-of-the-art device engineered for precise environmental monitoring. Its innovative design features a durable aviation-grade aluminum structure, ensuring easy sterilization and robustness. With a large sampling volume, 100L/min flow rate, and up to 6 hours of operation on a rechargeable battery, it’s the ideal tool for pharmaceuticals, hospitals, food processing, and clean rooms. Offering a wide sampling range (10-6000L) and superior collection efficiency (>75%), the FKC-1 sets the standard for ambient air testing in controlled environments.

Accuracy: 75%
Sampling range: 10-6000L


Product Description

Introducing the FKC-1 Air Microbial Sampler, a cutting-edge innovation in environmental monitoring technology, meticulously engineered for superior performance in capturing planktonic bacteria. With its unique and novel design, this sampler boasts a two-part structure that enhances both functionality and ease of use. The upper section houses the collecting port, sampling seat, and air pump—all crafted from aviation-grade aluminum for durability and ease of sterilization. The lower section contains the control unit and a rechargeable battery, making it a standalone, portable solution for any sampling needs.

The FKC-1 stands out for its large sampling volume and stable performance. Its simple operation allows for seamless integration into the workflow of pharmaceutical factories, hospitals, biological product facilities, food processing plants, and public spaces seeking to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and safety.

Key Features:

  • Size: Compact design with dimensions of 180 x 200 x 130mm, ensuring portability and ease of handling.
  • Weight: Lightweight at 2.5KG, making it ideal for on-site testing.
  • Sampling Flow: High-capacity air pump with a flow rate of 100L/min, ensuring efficient airborne particle collection.
  • Battery Life: Extended operating time of up to 6 hours on a single charge, thanks to its 7.4V chargeable battery.
  • Sampling Range: Versatile sampling capacity ranging from 10 to 6000L, suitable for a variety of environments.
  • Speed Crash: A robust 12m/s crash speed to capture a wide spectrum of particulates.
  • Collection Efficiency: Superior collection efficiency of over 75%, ensuring reliable results.
  • Usage: Ideal for medical, chemical, electronic research institutes, and clean rooms, providing critical data for environmental monitoring and quality control.

The FKC-1 Airborne Dust Sampler is not just a tool but a revolutionary step forward in maintaining controlled environments to the highest ISO standards. Whether you’re in the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare, food processing, or research, the FKC-1 offers the advanced level of precision and reliability you need for comprehensive ambient air testing.

Sampling flow
Continuously working time
Chargeable battery 7.4V
Sampling range
Speed crash
Collection efficiency
Medical/Chemical/Electronic/Research institute/Clean room

Additional Information



Measurement Range

Sampling range:10-6000L


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