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The Germ Sentry Portable ULV Fogger


Take care of sanitizing and disinfecting vehicles, rooms and offices with The Germ Sentry Portable ULV Fogger. Lightweight yet powerful enough to disinfect up to 100 sqft of space. Ideal for transportation, fleet vehicles and small spaces.

Important Notice: This is not a pesticide device and is not to be used as such. This is only meant to disperse cleaning and disinfecting products according to those product instructions. We do not sell any pesticides or pesticidal products.

The Germ Sentry is a more cost-effective and identical alternative to the MTX BAC-TO-ZERO machine.

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Coverage area: 65sqft to 100sqft

Rated power: 900W

Voltage: AC 110V

Smoke output: 18000cu.ft / min

Spray distance: 6ft-9ft

Preheating time: 5 mins

Fuel consumption: 30min / L

Capacity: 100ml

Application: Car / Home / Office

Function: Purify air and decompose odors

Dimensions: 12.9×12.5×6.6

Package size: 37×35×22cm

Gross weight: 2.9kg

To ensure quality results, each misting nozzle is tested 100% electronically for capacity and spray pattern.


1 Restaurants – outdoor patios, smoking areas, employee break areas, food preservatives, meat packing
2 Residential – backyard and poolside patios, mosquito control, special effects fogging kits
3 Agriculture – poultry and animal cooling, dog kennels, horse stables, pet cooling
4 Industrial – warehouse and garage cooling, employee heat stress reduction, conveyer belts
5 Pollution Control and Waste Management – dust and odor control, waste water plants, garbage sorting facilities, recycling centers,gas cooling, fly ash treatment
6 Oil and Gas – Drilling and production platforms, petroleum storage and transfer stations, water curtains, toxic gas control, storage tanks, hazardous loading areas, equipment bays, coal conveyors, fueling and vulcanizing cabinets, warehouses, storage, personnel and evacuation structures.
7 Chemical Processing – gas conditioning, humidification, drying kilns, curing rooms, electrostatic precipitators, distribution, mixing, distributing liquids on packing & horticultural beds, scrubbing gases, evaporating ponds, dust control, cooling flue gases & temperature sensitive equipment, pollution control and evaporative cooling.
8 Pulp and Papermaking – Paper shredding, paper dust control, cooling ponds, water pollution reduction, humidification, moistening logs, heat control, heat recovery, debarking, washing.
9 Steel Industry – air pollution control, waste water evaporation, contaminated water elimination, spray coating, dust control at transfer plants, de-mist wash, ice control, hood cooling, hazardous product cooling, evaporative cooling, journal cooling, concrete slab cooling, scale removal, aeration, rust prevention, air wiping, tar chasing.
10 Green Industry – energy reduction systems, data centers, pre cooling systems, chillers, air conditioner pre cooling systems
11 Landscaping – mist scaping – special effects water falls, pool side fog, public park cooling, resorts cooling, rainforest mist effects, kids playground cooling
12 Sports Cooling – sporting arena, football sideline, soccer arena, cricket stadiums, high school sporting events


1. Put the tube pump into the disinfectant container.

2. After turning on the power, press the switch button to the I position to warm up for 3-5 minutes.

3. Turn the button to the right to start the machine and time it.

4. Turn off the machine after each use and unplug the power.

5. Finally press the middle O reset switch to return to the home position

6. Cleaning function: Put the tube pump in clean water, switch on II and turn on the cleaning function.


1. Make sure to place the machine on the ground without other objects nearby during preheating. Use after observing normal function and store after allowing it to cool.

2. When atomizing disinfectants, you must make sure that liquid can withstand high temperatures.

Package Content:

1 × Germ Sentry Fogger

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  1. Jeremy Perez

    we use this to clean our vehicles at dealership and service drive before and after maintenance

  2. Harold Bravenbaer

    Fantastic for disinfecting smaller rooms. I usually give it 10 minutes in any room.

  3. Eric J.
    (verified owner)

    The product is really high-quality, it’s definitely worth the price.

  4. Isabelle Q.
    (verified owner)

    Customer service was exceptional.

  5. Jerry B.
    (verified owner)

    Amazing customer support.

  6. Emily F.
    (verified owner)

    The package got here super fast, I was pleasantly surprised.

  7. Jeremy X.
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    Delivery was quicker than expected.

  8. Anna N.
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    The delivery was so fast, I was really impressed.

  9. Joe I.
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    The package got here way sooner than I expected.

  10. Megan F.
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    The product arrived so quickly, it was a pleasant surprise.

  11. Peter Q.
    (verified owner)

    Customer service was top-tier.

  12. Grace D.
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    The delivery was super quick, I didn’t have to wait at all.

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    The package arrived in no time, I was really impressed.

  14. Ian X.
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    The shipping was so fast, I was pleasantly surprised.

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