Mold Bomb Fogger Disinfectant 16.5oz

Mold Bomb Fogger Disinfectant 16.5oz

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Easy to use mold fogger, Prevent mold from becoming a growing problem. Mold Bomb Kills mold in just one treatment. Our revolutionary one of a kind delivery system will get places you cannot reach with any other product. Mold Bomb works great for mold suppression, prevention, contents, rooms, appliances, eliminates odors, and disinfects surfaces. Don’t risk a bigger mold problem then you already have with a less effective cleaner.  Go with a product that works, “Mold Bomb”!

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Currently only available in quantities of 2 cans. No individual cans available.

This product can only be shipped to the continental United States.

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Stop mold growth with the Mold Bomb Spray. This industrial-strength EPA-registered product was originally designed for professional use but due to high demand is now available to the general public. Mold Bomb Spray kills a true 99.9% of all mold, bacteria, and viruses. Our EPA classification of “hospital-grade disinfectant”, makes it one of the safest solutions to a mold problem on the market.

This product comes in a large 16-ounce canister and works for manual spot treatment or will function as a continuous stream, making it quick and easy to treat everything in your environment. The application works great for hard-to-reach places like crawlspaces, attics, HVAC vents, walls/ceilings, basements, and contents. For professional-grade results, go with a professional-grade product that works, and use Mold Bomb Spray.Mold Bomb Fogger Spray

mold bomb fogger spraymold bomb fogger spraymold bomb fogger spray

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Case of 6 x 6oz cans, Case of 6 x 16.5oz cans

5 reviews for Mold Bomb Fogger Disinfectant 16.5oz

  1. Johnathan Sykes

    Got rid of mold from an attic with just a few cans. Much better deal than hiring a mold removal company

  2. Samantha Gatt

    We disinfected hard to reach places in our laboratory including fume hoods with this product. The shipping time was about 3 days

  3. John Martinez

    Fast shipping and high quality disinfectant. Helped us get the job done for a fraction of what we were quoted by companies.

  4. Paul Cipriano

    Worth every dime for preventing any viruses in our rental homes.

  5. Suzy Lanksy

    Excellent product

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